YA Blog Roll

These are some favorite blogs in my YA Google Reader folder. I've been reading all of these for awhile and they're kid tested, mother approved. Well, kid tested at least. All the feeds are available here in easy Reader bundle format. One click and you're subscribed!

Ten Cent Notes: I kind of love this blog. Jordyn's site is everything I want a book blog to be. Prolific and filled with personal musings, contemplative analysis, spot on reviews, and filled with passion. Focuses mostly on contemporary YA.

Steph Su Reads: Consistently one of the best written book blogs around, as evidenced by her many awards. Steph's blog has a ton of everything and a dash of thoughts about education and literature, which she recently wrapped up studying about.

Book Muncher: Covering the New York YA scene with aplomb and dedication. Go here for drool worthy event recaps and lots of detailed reviews.

Story Siren: Kristi's been book blogging for a long time and her site is beautifully designed and she's got a slew of memes to her credit. I'm sure she's inspired countless numbers of book bloggers, which is awesome.

Pop Culture Junkie: As the name implies, Alea's got great taste in pop culture, covering television, movies, books, and movies. Her cover lookalikes feature is always fun too.

Presenting Lenore: Book blogging since 2008, Lenore has been a long time read for me and she recently signed to haver her debut YA released next year! Featuring dystopian week and a review system is based on chicken zombies. Also, a New Book Blogger FAQ.

Frenetic Reader: Note the name used by this blogger is not her real name, but I'd bet most of the YA blogosphere knows who "Khy" is because she's been on the scene for awhile and does great stuff.

Teen Writers Bloc: This blog co-written by some members of the New School Writing for Children MFA Class of 2012 gives writers insight into what getting a MFA in children's lit is like. Featuring lots of interviews, inspirations, and guest posts.

Forever Young Adult: Great tagline pretty much says it all, "For YA readers who are a little less Y and a bit more A." They also won me over by rewatching My So Called Life episodes and incorporating a drinking game.

The Contemps: "Our mission is simple -- to spotlight contemporary fiction for young adults." That's exactly what this site does, and the roster of contributors here is drool worthy.

YA Highway: A group of writers get together to blog about all sorts of things book related. And not so book related. There's a lot of interviews with writers, editors, and agents here. Plus guest bloggers galore!

Diversity in YA: Started by Malinda Lo and Cindy Pon, the 2011 tour is officially over but the blog carries on. The monthly "new books" features are comprehensive and colorful.

Stacy Whitman's Grimoire: Editor director at Tu Books, an imprint focused on showcasing diverse characters and settings. Their novels feature "people of color in worlds inspired by non-Western folklore or culture." Stacy's blog has a lot of great resources and book lists.

Reading in Color: Covering YA/MG about people of color. 'Nuff said.

Mitali Perkins: Author and advocate, Mitali throws up amazing content all the time and if you look around, she's in bylines all over the place. Her blog chronicles her author adventures and focuses on multi-cultural lit.

A Fuse #8 Production: Elizabeth Bird is a New York librarian and I think she gets to work out of the main branch. You know, the awesome one with the lions out front? She blogs for School Library Journal and her posts are choch full of information and news. Focus leans primarily on middle grade.

Kidlit: Agent Mary Kole's blog is a definite must read for any aspiring writers. Heck, everyone should read it as she's always putting up great content and she's on top of all the tech trends and the changing industry landscape.

100 Scope Notes: The tagline about covers it, "Children's Literature News and Reviews." Travis is an elementary school librarian and started this blog in 2007. He's got a feature about unfortunate covers, which is kind of awesome.

Roger Sutton: This is the editor of The Horn Book magazine's personal site. I've never read a Horn Book, but I sure like Roger's blog. And I sure probably be checking out The Horn Book.

(Updated August 12, 2011)