Grab Bag

Here's some selected and recent stuff that aren't EC related. Okay some of it is. Tough.

Guesting Elsewhere

  • Teen Writers Bloc, "What's In a Name?" (5/2011)
  • Diversity in YA, "Writing Outside Your Experience" (5/2011)
  • Thought Catalog, "Letter to Your 20-Something Self: A Mad Lib" (11/2010)
  • Doing Tonight, "Are You a Social Commitment Phobe?" (10/2010)
  • Untemplater, "Ding! Relationship Interrupted" (4/2010)
  • Untemplater, "Going going, back school?" (2/2010)
  • Kearny Street Workshop, "Thoughts on Life, Death, and Comedy" (7/2009)
  • Lost Magazine, "Oregon Trail: Edu-taining the masses" (2/2006)

  • Article and Interviews
  • San Francisco Magazine, "As Asian as they wanna be" (11/2010)
  • UofMichigan's LSA Magazine, "An Author, an Agent, an Alliance." (5/2010)
  • Author profile with AA Risings (1/2010)
  • The World Journal, in Mandarin so I don't know what it says (8/2009)
  • Author spotlight with Authors Now (11/2009)