28 September 2005

Reviews of EC

As an author, it's pretty crazy when reviews start rolling in. Even if it's a text message from a friend saying, "It's awesome!" to an email from someone stating, "There's a typo on page xxx," it's just a great feeling to have anyone reading and interacting with something you've created. So thanks to everyone who took the time out to read the book.

Below are links to some reviews Exclusively Chloe has received (with more here):
"I really really liked Exclusively Chloe. At first glance it might appear to be all glitz and glamor, the Hollywood Lifestyle and while that's part of it there is so much more going on than the blurb leads you to believe. For as much as Hollywood and fame don't equal a realistic life for 99% of the population, I found this story to be really believable and understandable. When is comes down to it, it's about a girl trying to find her place in the world with people that get her and like her for her and not who her adoptive parents are.

My favorite parts of the story were when Chloe-Grace (aka Lilly while at public school) is trying out this other lifestyle in public school. Her clothes aren't designer, she drives a old car, and is just a regular girl at school. Those were the most interesting parts of the story to me, all the layers of excess are stripped off and Chloe's personality shines through. One of my favorite things in the book is the real reason she decides to start at a public school, and I'm totally not spoiling it for you, you'll have to read the book to find out! I'll only say by the end of the book I had a few tears in my eyes. What a great story!

I will admit that the story wraps up with a nice big bow on top and some people don't like those kinds of endings, but me, I loved it! It made me feel so good! I am excited to see what author J.A. Yang comes up with next!"
-Pop Culture Junkie-

"The adopted Chinese child of Hollywood superstars, supercute Chloe Grace, 16, has always lived in the spotlight. Now that her parents are talking divorce, though, the paparazzi pressure is even more intense. All Chloe wants is anonymity, so she gets a 'makeunder' and transfers, under an alias, to a regular high school. Chloe’s first-person narrative is classic chick-lit fun, and readers, especially tabloid fans, will enjoy the label name-dropping and celebrity drama. The adoption story adds more interest, as Chloe searches for her birth family, while the predictable happy ending will satisfy many readers."
-Booklist, July 2009-

15 September 2005

EC Reviews, Interviews, and Guest Posts

There's always things going on around here and here's my attempt at documenting them. Some reviews are featured here.