15 December 2009

Fly High

When we had our book signing at Borders last weekend, Daisy Whitney, a 2010 Deb, came by to support us and to say hello. Her book, The Mockingbirds, is coming out next November and is about "an underground, student-run secret society at the prestigious boarding school and their job is to serve as the judge, jury and prosecution of the students, for the students and by the students." Sounds pretty awesome right? The book's title immediately made me think of Mockingbird, a Marvel comics superheroine who just happens to be from San Diego. The real inspiration for the title was, of course, "To Kill a Mockingbird," which just goes to show what I know and how my lens of life works.

Daisy's energy and enthusiasm was incredible and after meeting her I understood completely how she manages to do more in a day than I get accomplished in a month. Read her bio and visit her various sites and see just how many hats she wears and how many projects she's involved in (and how famous she is). I kind of need to learn how to be this productive, in anything.

She's doing giveaways of the signed books she got from us at the signing and they're all here on her blog. Exclusively Chloe is up next and it's easy and fun to enter. To win the book, just share five words about what it means to be a normal kid. Go, go! The contest ends tomorrow! Thanks so much for doing this Daisy, and congrats on The Mockingbirds!

Update: The contest is over and the winner is announced.

Here's an interview with Daisy:

"I think the BEST books being written today are for teens and what I love most is you can write virtually anything -- there are no formulas, rules or structures you should follow. You can write romance, fantasy, suspense, humor, quests, high-concept, fantastical, paranormal, edgy, dark, light, weird, and so on. And you can mix and match many of those in one story. Teen readers crave and demand inventiveness and new ways of storytelling, so it’s a treat and a pleasure to write for them."
-Interview with Courtney Summers-