18 December 2009

Such Great Heights

I've been following Realm Lovejoy for a little while now. Aside from having an awesome name worthy of a mega-celebrity or beloved fictional character (and yes it's her real name), Realm's got excellent taste in music, is a video game artist, and has a book about clones that's not only written by her but completely self-illustrated as well. How cool and multi-talented does she sound? Since Realm is super awesome, she does Q&A's with authors and then does a drawing of their main characters. Very nice of her right? She was kind enough to do one for me so go check that out now! Thank you so much Realm!

One of the things about the Exclusively Chloe cover is that Chloe-Grace is mysteriously turned away so readers don't really know what she looks like. I mean, technically, I don't know either. And since I can't draw I guess nobody will ever fully know. So this may be as close as it gets!

I'm delighted Realm chose to draw the undercover persona, which is Chloe-Grace post make-under, with her hair chopped off, trying to be all unnoticed and incognito. Notice the suspicious look in Chloe's eye, which I like because it shows that she's wary, and aware of the dangers that lurk in the "normal" world. Chloe-Grace is trying to blend in and hide her absolute fabulousity, if that's a word.

Actually it just occurred to me that I sent Realm a photo of me and George as reference for Chloe-Grace. So maybe that's why the illustration of Chloe has a suspicious gleam in her eye...