25 May 2011

Rumour Has It

Currently pushing: My guest post for the DIYA blog, about writing outside your experiences.

A few weeks ago I put on my best adult-ish shirt and was at the San Franciso Public Library for my stop on the Diversity in YA Fiction tour. We had a great turnout and it was really fantastic to share the mic with Malinda, Cindy, and Gene. A few of my friends attended and my sister too, which was a first as she'd never been to an event where I actually talked. Between my mumbles and jumbles, I hope I managed to get a few lucid things out and now that the entire DIYA tour is over, I wanted to share some links to the awesome events that happened all across the country. Malinda and Cindy are still in New York participating in various Book Expo America events this week so if you're around the city, go see them and thank them for organizing such a great tour.

Thanks to Eastwind Books of Berkeley for selling our books, thanks to Ellen, Claire, and Lisa from Kearny Street Workshop, and Betsy from SFPL. And thanks to all of you who came out and said hello!

Also, Deva Fagan, fellow 2009 Deb and author of Fortune's Folly and The Magical Misadventures of Prunella Bogthistle, was at DIYA Cambridge and prior to her stop, she put up an amazing list of articles and links about diversity. There's a ton of great stuff in there like this Mitali Perkins' penned "Straight Talk on Race: Challenging the Stereotypes in Kids' Books" and Elizabeth Bluemle's "The Elephant in the Room." Bookmark this and check them all out when you have the time. Thanks Deva for sharing such a wonderful resource!

I'm posting this photo because it's not often I get to stand behind a podium. I think the last time was in high school for seniors night, and the surviving photo of it makes it look like I was giving some great speech. In reality I was just looking down and reading off my name. I have no idea why my hands gesticulate so much when public speaking, but it sure makes me look like I'm emphatically making a point. However I assure you most of the time I'm just trying to not break out in a panicked sweat.