14 May 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Today is finally here! (Well, obviously). What does a debut day feel like? Well, in my imagination, everywhere I walk there will be rainbows. And one giant rainbow will be emanating from my head, lighting up the cloudless sky with ROYGBIV goodness. Strangers on every corner will stare and then they'll shyly approach me at the bus stop to ask, "Wait, aren't you?..."

I'll nod. "Why yes I am." How good of you to notice.

Then I'll whip out a colored Sharpie -- one of many I'll be carrying -- and sign their arms. And their books if they want. Then maybe someone will faint, but I'll catch'em and bring them back to consciousness in one smooth motion. A flick of the wrist really. And then I'll ask everyone to come with me to get some refreshing Jamba Juice. My treat.

After my delicious White Gummi Bear, a modern day Lollipop Guild will serenade me before I set off on a rousing tour of all the bookstores in the land. Confetti will fly, banners will be made, and there will probably be a DJ spinning amazing dance music.

And then for all the people who have supported and championed my book for so long, I'd declare that Friday was a no work but still get paid day. For everyone in the world. And then we'll rejoice and head to a pool party. So don't forget to bring your trunks.

That's what a debut day will feel like.

And I'm not alone in feeling this way today because my fellow 2009 Debutante, Sarah Cross, is also debuting her book, Dull Boy! Swing over to Chloe-Grace's blog for all the details on their big date.