24 May 2009

Bring It On

I'm definitely a little late to the Glee party but I've just watched the pilot episode twice through and I love it. High school cliques, lots of singing, good dialogue, fun characters, and more singing. Glee is about the dreams of one teacher to take his under funded, no respect, glee club to the top. There's so many things about Glee I like, but I'll let the reviews tell the story.

Right now, I've only got The Office and The Duel 2 on TV rotation so this will be nice. Since I'm also semi-over America's Best Dance Crew (the final results are starting to piss me off), there's nothing else I want to record, and it's about time for me to find a new show to obsess over. Glee looks like it'll be it!

The bad news is that new episodes don't come out until the fall and the pilot didn't get amazing ratings. Word of mouth throughout the summer could help drive it up though. Or maybe it'll be another semi-great show that has promise and potential but gets axed.

Check out the trailer, where from the get-go a geek is being thrown into a dumpster as he says, "Wait, this is from Marc Jacobs new collection!" And then cruise over to watch the entire thing on Hulu. For those of you with just a few minutes in your busy busy lives, just watch the last song, Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." It's fun right?