16 January 2009

Girl Power

Seven months later and America's Best Dance Crew is back for Season 3. I sort of tapped out of Season 2 because I hated the eventual winners, Super Cr3w, and figured the show was going downhill. Well, not so fast you know? While I'm sort of over actually watching the show on TV (I don't have DVR, I can't fast forward, it's totally killer) I did catch the first episode online. After watching all the groups, I gotta say, Season 3 might be pretty good.

I mean, last season it was gimmick after gimmick -- I take back all I said about Fanny Pak though, since they turned out to be dope and critics' darlings. They've sort of got that going this season with the the Ringmasters, the clogging group, and the Puerto Ricans but the other groups seemed to just dance without retarded gimmicks. And this year most of the performances were clean. I remember the first episode of Season 2 and everyone was incredibly messy.

Another awesome thing about this season: Rynan of Jabbawockeez replacing JC Chasez as the third judge. I don't dislike JC and I'll miss his sartorial splendor *cough*cough* but I like Rynan a lot, so that's a cool change. I kind of dig the clogging group too. I mean, it's so Riverdance but all that clippity clip clip is kind of fun. They probably won't last too many weeks so I want to enjoy them while they're here. Did you know I'm friends with a former clogging champion for the state of Ohio? It's true.

One thing that definitely sucks about this season is the team names. Fly Khicks, Dynamic Edition, Quest Crew, Strikers All-Stars, Beat Freaks? Way to be boring and unmemorable. Also, Lil Momma's hairstyle was horrendous. Go back to the baseball caps Lil Miss. Please.

The two best groups? Beat Freaks and Quest Crew. Beat Freaks are just fierce and have crazy great attitudes on stage. Their b-girls are pretty damn good too. They've got to be the early front runners and if they can keep it up, will become the first all female team to win. Steve knows Rino and he says she's "nasty" and the "best dancer from the competition." I'm throwing my support their way. Quest Crew is kind of ridiculous too though. The crazy over and under slide/flip thing they did? Geezes. Both groups seem to be creative and polished, I can't wait to see more.

Last thing, Team Millenia, who is back after being axed too early last year, plainly sucked. I don't know what that routine was but I would have been fine with kicking them right back out. After all the stink about how they got robbed last year too. Ugh, just a confusing performance.