11 January 2009

Doubt (2008)

Love Amy Adams, like Philip Seymour Hoffman, and kind of respect Meryl Streep. All three prejudices were handy since Doubt was pretty run of the mill as a serious actors' vehicle (adapted from the stage) and had all the things you look for in a decent indie flick. Some ideas to mull over, good dialogue, and a sense that you didn't waste your time or money. I expected just a bit more but in the end walked out satisfied if a bit confused. Everything at the end came quickly and the concluding revelations didn't click for me until a few minutes after the credits rolled. Not a bad way to use up an afternoon though, overall.

One thing that I have to discuss is the nasal drip coming from Mrs. Miller's nose as she cried and gave a passionate speech. While I'm all for realistic portrayals of anger and such, having stuff dripping out of Viola Davis' (strangely nominated for a Golden Globe) nose and settling on her upper lip was a bit much for me. Seriously, wipe that stuff off, it's distracting and disgusting on a thirty foot screen.