23 January 2009

Awards Season

Nominations and voting for the 2009 Bloggies have opened. I always check'em out because you can never have enough good blogs to read. This year, 8asians.com is nominated in the Best Group Weblog category. My friend Brian blogs for them but that's not the only reason to vote them up!

Also, this came out awhile ago but Fimoculous has a great list of "30 Most Notable Blogs of 2008." It was through his list that I found Molly Young, who reminds me slightly of technicolor.org. "[Molly] writes in that hyper-literate but still somehow accessibly intimate way that make all her blog posts read like entries in one of those diaries that score its author a publishing contract."

"Of all the bad things a person can be, 'boring' was my bete noire from the age of consciousness until mid-college. This is probably because I was so often paralyzed in social interactions, unable to think of anything to say or do. In fact, a good amount of the time I passed alone was spent stocking up on Things To Say. I used to keep a small notebook with reminders of funny anecdotes, news items, novelties and jokes to sprinkle into conversation. I even consulted the book (discreetly) during interactions to freshen my supply. It didn't work very well -- I often had to shoehorn unrelated sentences into topical conversations -- but it was better than being a blank.

Now things are more fluid up there, but only among those I know well."
-Public opinion is a tyrant-