29 May 2009

The Brothers Bloom (2009)

Director Rian Johnson's got an eye for style, I'll give him that. I watched Brick waiting for something fantastic to happen but was left with some atmospheric visuals, an intriguing idea, and not much else. The Brothers Bloom was sort of like that. Of course, I've seen my share of terrible movies this year so this was actually pretty good in comparison.

I mean, the story moved along nicely, there were some genuinely funny moments, a Wes Anderson-lite setup, and a charming cast of actors and actresses. I think I love Rachel Weisz when she's in the right role. And there's something oddly appealing about Adrien Brody. Still, it was hard to leave the movie without feeling my life hadn't changed much for the better, or worse. Amusing and entertaining, that's about it.