25 May 2009

Walk it out, walk it out

Hey all, I'm on virtual book tour right now! I've been emailing back and forth with Yan for the past few weeks and she and her partner in crime, Carol, have prepared a few blog stops for Exclusively Chloe on their Traveling to Teens site.They've put a lot of work in and assembled a veritable army of bloggers. In talking with Yan and learning about her interests and projects, she's been incredibly creative with putting her voice into the young adult book community and I hope I can do the tour justice.

I'll be making ten stops between now and June 3rd and at each one, the blogger has been kind enough to ask me some questions. I've already been having a blast answering them so go to their sites to find out my answers to things like "Do you listen to music while you write?" and "I noticed in Exclusively Chloe that you are in tune with fashion. Are you up to date on the latest fashion trends? What are some of your favorite pieces to wear?"

Thanks to all the wonderful people who volunteered to host me! I'll link to the tour stops as I move along.

May 25- Yan (Books By Their Cover)
May 26- Aryanna (A Maze of Books)
May 27- Erika (Kiss My Book)
May 28- Alea (Pop Culture Junkie)
May 29- Carol (Bookluver)
May 30- Kelsey (Reading Keeps You Sane)
May 31- Steph (Steph Su Reads)
June 1- Sarah (Green Bean Teen Queen)
June 2- Claire (Bookworm Readers)
June 3- Kristi (The Story Siren)
And on top of all that, Traveling for Teens is running a contest for a free copy of Exclusively Chloe until June 10th. Check it out yeah?