15 May 2009

Into the Wild

The first picture I've gotten of EC in the wild was taken by my friend Steve -- he started reading immediately and already finished it!. I think he got it at Barnes & Noble, and he might have gone to a couple of them to round up additional copies. Isn't he great? Thanks Steve!

People have been telling me that various places either carry it or don't carry it, and I forgot to tell everyone to call ahead because sometimes bookstores either (a) don't carry it immediately, (b) don't carry it at all, or (c) you have to say the secret password for them to give you a copy. From what I know, it should be widely available at most booksellers, but check beforehand because I don't want you to go down there all excited and then it's not anywhere to be seen.

Also, if you do go in somewhere and they don't have it, the staff will usually ask you if you want to order a copy. Say "yes!" And um, even if you don't buy it later, it'll be on the shelf for someone else. At least I think that's how it works.

Anyhow, if you see Exclusively Chloe somewhere, send me a picture because it pretty much will make my day. I haven't personally seen it on a shelf yet but I've only hit up one bookstore so far. But this weekend, I'll be trolling the city trying to figure out which stores have my book and which ones don't. It'll be like a mini-scavenger hunt.

Oh, and how cool is it that I'm next to Lisa Yee's "Absolutely Maybe." Lisa's a big time author, also Asian American, and I read her blog all the time so it's thrilling to be next to her, even momentarily.