05 May 2010

For Good

Listening to: Kings of Convenience, "I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Royksopp Remix)." Oh those melancholy Norwegians, this is just catchy as all hell. Via Musicphileosophy, a music blog that is just fantastic. I maybe co-opted most of these tracks already. Maybe.

Like all the best fairy tales, the first line starts off magical. "By all accounts, their paths should have crossed sooner..." Mysterious, frothy, and begging for more right? A few months back I did an interview with the amazing Lara Zielin (Donut Days) who is a fellow young adult author and just so happens to be an editor at my alumni magazine. She was kind enough to interview both Lilly and I during her trip of the West Coast. If you didn't know, Lilly is my agent and friend extraordinaire.

So here it is, the article in all its glory from Michigan's LSA Magazine (pg 54), "An Author, an Agent, an Alliance: Two Wolverines Join Forces in the Literary World." Full article as a jpg and pdf. Thanks Lara!

If Lilly and I had met on campus earlier, who knows how our lives would have changed? Lots of free coffee for her, lots of book talk for both of us. Why was I working at Rendezvous? Oh right, I was slaving off my quite a few hundred dollar a month phone bill. See, I had a girlfriend who lived across the country and this was back when phone calls were like ten cents a minute. Whew, thank goodness I only email and instant message people nowadays. What's a phone?