30 July 2009

These Are Days

A month or two ago, I had the chance to hang out with Lara Zielin, fellow Deb and author of "Donut Days." It turns out she's the editor for my college's alumni magazine and was flying around meeting Wolverines -- she's interviewed James Earl Jones before! -- and stopped by San Francisco. We had a really great time (successfully) wandering around Chinatown in search of dim sum and spent a few hours talking writing and books. She was the very first young adult writer I've gotten a chance to hang out with and it was supremely exciting and enlightening.

Lara was awesome enough to ask me to post a guest entry on her blog and it's up now. I'm talking about voice and how I "managed to create the absolute girliest character [Lara's] read in a long time." Oh and she's gifting off a signed copy of Exclusively Chloe too!

Donut Days comes out in exactly one week, on August 6th, so go pick it up. And if you haven't seen her videos yet, check them out because they are high quality productions and hilarious! Lara's website and blog. Thanks for letting me guest post!

"Emma Goiner has a lot going on. Her best friend’s not speaking to her, a boy she’s known all her life is suddenly smokin’ hot, she’s at a camp-out for the opening of a donut shop, and oh yes—her evangelical pastor parents may lose their church. And that’s just this weekend. Suddenly, sixteen-year-old Emma has to make some serious choices: creationism or evolution, faith or freedom, Harley bikers or Frodo wannabes, and of course, cruller or glazed."
-Donut Days-