29 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Can you believe there will be eight of these things once it's all said and done? I was listening recently to a Harry Potter podcast and someone mentioned that they wouldn't mind seeing a BBC style super long series with almost all the scenes, characters, and lines intact. That would be something wouldn't it? As it stands now, the Potter movies are pretty much what you'd expect. I saw the first four, missed the fifth, and have decided to try to find the fanboy in me somewhere for the final two movies after watching this one.

I actually didn't finish reading the entire series. I think I stopped around book six. After awhile, I just wanted to know what happened versus reading the entire things. It's hard to say these are amazing movies but it's hard to gripe because this is such a fan experience. I mean, I'm the guy who'll defend Wolverine to the death. So comparing this to the other Potter movies, it's probably one of the better ones.

Things that are totally unbelievable: Ron Weasley being coordinated and quick enough to be a goalie for any sport, much less one played on a flying broomstick. Dumbledore being incredibly weak and then suddenly flaming the heck out of everything. The whole Ron and Hermione romantic relationship. Harry getting a serious lack of support (from the staff, other students, etc.) despite being The Chosen One.

Most importantly, here is a picture of my friend dressed up as Hedwig. And yes, the costume is designed for children.