08 July 2009

She's Your Queen to Be

Listening to: Ron Sexsmith, "This Is How I Know." I was just tweeting the other day about how I didn't like this nobody's version of Feists' "Secret Heart." But then I found out that he's Feists' co-writer so I guess that was okay. Something about this particular track appeals to me deeply.

Earlier tonight, my mom called me downstairs in an excited burst. "You have to come see this! I have something to share with you!" I lollygagged because she does this at least twice a day. Sometimes it's something funny on the computer, something I genially smile at and then walk back upstairs quickly. Or she might need some computer help, something with attachments or forwarding. More often than not, she calls me because I have to pick up a pile of stuff I left laying around. I can't say I exactly jump at her beckons. "An an!" she repeats.

My mom is a huge plant person. She loves flowers and plants. She's got a green thumb, she likes to talk plants, she teaches flower arranging, and she's often called upon for floral decorations for church or parties or whatnot. Tonight, her summons resulted in something really cool. She showed me our queen of the night, otherwise known as a nightblooming cereus. These cactus things (although they look nothing like cactus) bloom only once a year, at night, and for just a few hours. The flowers are white, super huge, and smell delicious. Here's a video of the blooming. This whole thing happens in late spring or early summer so from now on I'll use it to mark the official start of my summers.

Pretty fantastic right? I'd invite you over to look at it but it'll be all gone by morning. Next year maybe.

I'm home for the next couple of weeks, working on my next book, and doing it within fifteen feet of a pool and five miles of an ocean. It should be relaxing, and much needed. While I can't say I necessarily missed San Diego when I was up north, just a few days here in the sun has convinced me I need to stay for a bit. Let's just hope I can be super productive, and super tan, by the time I return to San Francisco.