03 July 2009

Whistle While You Work

Listening to: The Bird and the Bee, "Diamond Dave." I'm not sure what jazz-influenced electro pop is supposed to sound like but I sure like this band. I mean, what a great name right?

Remember that thing I was talking about two weeks ago? I had a public reading as the end project for my class? Well, I was given the opportunity to do a write up about the experience over at Kearny Street Workshop's blog. Head over there to check it out. I had a great time and only wish the class had gone on longer.

"What we learned was that humor often bubbled up from inherently unfunny events, such as death, or depression, or losing romantic love. Life tends to bring out the absurd and the laughable in the least likely situations and that, when highlighted and told well, can be hilarious. So we wrote about life experiences rather than 'think of something funny and write about that.'"
-Thoughts on Life, Death, and Comedy-