02 August 2009

Snip snip

Listening to: Matt and Kim, "Daylight." I had wanted to use this track for our snowboarding video a few months back but it didn't quite fit. The pounding piano intro never left my head though. Great song for driving to.

So I've been learning quite a bit about hair from my friend who is a budding stylist. I can't lie, for some fleeting moments in the past, I had ambitions to be a stylist. I mean, it seemed like a job you could travel around, use your creativity and problem solving skills, and also make good money. I remember going to the same hair person for ten years or so. Bonnie was her name. I didn't really need much style -- nor did I have any -- but it was a relationship you know? Every few weeks I'd make an appointment, go sit for a shampoo and cut, and tell her about what was going on in life. Sadly, after I first shaved my head during freshman year of college, I never went back to her. I wonder if she wonders what happened. No good byes, nothing.

A few years ago, I was addicted to season one of Bravo's "Blow Out," which featured all the shenanigans, glamour, and cattiness at Jonathan Salon Beverly Hills. I got more hooked once I realized that Jonathan's sister, Robin Antin, was the founder of The Pussycat Dolls. What a childhood they must of had. Just sprinkles and fabulousness all around I'm sure.

The big impediment to wanting to learn how to style or cut hair? I'm not sure I'd want to carry around all the gear. There's a lot of stuff to tool around you know? Scissors, hair dryers, bottles, razors, clips, foils, all sorts of doodads I'm sure I don't even know about. I wouldn't have the patience to find the best solution for something. I'd rather operate like an Old West cowboy. Put some clippers in my hand and I'm ready to buzz away. Before learning to cut my own hair, I practiced on a fair number of friends. It's such a college thing, cutting someone else's hair. Only one girl ever let me touch her locks but there were quite a few guys that would call upon my fading skills -- not a double entendre. I specialized in only one haircut, but luckily it was in high demand.

I contend that few things make two guys bond more than having one of them cut the other's hair. Maybe not bond exactly, but something is definitely going on. You spend half an hour standing around shirtless on newspaper, getting all up in each other's personal space, one guy critiquing and trying to create the best look for another guy, and all of it done while maintaining some chatter. It's kind of intimate to tell the truth. Once someone has cut your hair, or you've cut someone else's, you feel closer. It's inevitable.