14 May 2010

Big hands I know you're the one

Wow wow wow. I have so much writing to do but I can't keep my attention away from the television because the Celtics have given me the best week ever. Three wins in a row, including an epic triple double from Rajon Rondo. Nobody thought the Cavaliers would lose to the Celtics, and I must admit, my rational side gave Boston a slim chance of beating Lebron and Co. after their up and down regular season. But they came out tough from the very beginning of this series, hit their stride halfway through, and just dominated late. How quickly things change.

Kevin Garnett is secretly back to almost his old self, Tony Allen has emerged as a defensive gnat, Ray Allen is still stroking it from deep, and the Celtics are buckling down and playing real defense. Sure Paul Pierce has been quiet this series but he'll come around. And my love for Rondo cannot be measured. He's so much fun to watch, he gets a ton of steals a game, he's an one man fast break, and some of his passes are just mind blowing. He's got this awesome behind the back one handed fake move that is just wicked. I want to practice that move and pull it off once, even if it's in my dreams.

Now if only Rasheed Wallace can pick it up and not be complete idiot. He hit a few big threes tonight but I can't trust him quite yet. He's lazy beyond belief. And for all of Danny Ainge's moves -- bringing in Sheed, Marquis Daniels, Nate Robinson, and Michael Finley -- the bench is still anchored by Tony Allen and Glen Davis.

The conference finals are going to be bananas. Can the Celtics match up well enough to take out the Magic? I don't know. But every Celtics fan is reinvigorated and willing to believe anything can happen. Do Steve Nash and the Suns have enough to outgun the Lakers? Again, a crazy proposition. But if the Suns can beat the Lakers and meet the Celtics in the Finals, my friend Jasmine and I might become mortal enemies for two weeks. If the Lakers and Celtics make it again, I fear for the matchup but that would clearly be the most historic combination. And if it's the Lakers and Magic again, booooring.

What is terrible is that I'm going to be in Europe for the entire duration of the conference title games. How will I be able to watch the games? How can I miss the possible last post-season of the Big Three? Do I just shut my eyes to the world and hope they make it to the Finals or do I cheer them on during weird time zones from another continent? This could be huge. I can go to Europe anytime, but the Celtics only compete for the Finals every so often. Hum.

For the record, Lebron has to leave. The city of Cleveland is sports cursed and he's not going to win down there. I know it's his hometown and he wants to bring a championship back but it's time to go. The Cavs just stopped trying about halfway through the fourth quarter. Near the very end, down by just nine with one minute left, the Cavaliers chose to not foul and just let the time dribble out. A lot can happen in a minute in the NBA. The Cavs plain quit and it's time for LBJ to get out. While I love Lebron, I say he can't receive another MVP until he wins a championship. Regular season dominance is great and all but if you can't win a title, you shouldn't be a three time MVP.

Possible destinations? New York, New Jersey, or Chicago, among a handful of others. I think he should go to the Bulls. Follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan, get into a winning culture, play alongside Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and another big time free agent. I know this turn of events would hurt Cleveland more than The Shot but it makes the most basketball sense for Lebron. He could also land with the Knicks but they have nobody on that roster. Or come to the Celtics Lebron, we'll take you!