20 February 2007

Life is Short

Here's a little life tip that I don't think enough people take enough advantage of. For the places where you eat often, always call and order ahead. I eat out a lot so I've got every restaurant's number programmed into my phone.

Sometimes I'll be staring at a long line but I'll call in my order from the back of the line -- and then I feel like a proper genius when they take my order immediately and have it ready by the time I get up to the front.

Other life tips I couldn't do without:

  • Set various clocks around you to different times. The clock in my car is set twenty-four minutes ahead, my alarm seven minutes ahead, my cell phone two minutes, etc. It's amazing how often you'll forget that your clocks are off and you'll rush someplace thinking you're late but then arrive early. Works like a charm.

  • Double up on your toiletries and pre-pack them in your travel bag. Nothing's more annoying than forgetting your toothpaste, eye solution, or deodorant. Buy two of everything and pack it in the bag for when you're ready to go. Same thing with a cell phone charger. Never be caught with one bar again.

  • Keep a log of significant facts about acquaintances and likeable near-friends. That way you can refresh your memory before you see them again. Significant facts include: name, siblings, where theyr'e from, what they do, what you talked about. Then stun them with your impressive memory of your last five-minute conversation. People will like you, promise.