09 May 2007

Champions of the West

I'm going to Michigan next week (May 17 - 20) to participate in the Ann Arbor Book Festival.

I'll be sitting on one panel (as Lilly's sidekick) and moderating another. Should be fun. Visit the alma mater, eat some Pizza House, Rendezvous at the bar around two, go buy some Steve & Barry's to dust off that school spirit. Um, Go Blue?

Reading in Mixed Media - Saturday, May 19th
Moderator: Jonathan Yang, Rough Guide to Blogging
Matt Bell, writer/blogger
Doreen Lichtman, Survival From Malice
Claudia Mair Burney, Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man
Meghan O'Rourke, www.salon.com, Slate.com

The world of writing and reading is changing quickly. Join this panel as they discuss how they have addressed this changing world as writers. From blogging, to making books or excerpts of books available online or as ebook downloads, this group is facing the challenges of a changing literary world head on.

The Writer-Agent Relationship - Friday, May 18th
Lilly Ghahremani, Full Circle Literary Agency with author Jon Yang, The Rough Guide to Blogging; Amy Williams, McCormick-Williams Literary Agency and Travis Holland, The Archivist's Story.

The author-agent relationship is crucial to publishing success. An agent will work for you in getting the best publication deal, and will support you through the publishing process. But how do you find the right agent? And how do you get that agent to notice your work in all the piles of manuscripts they receive each day?

Two pairs of authors and agents will discuss how they came to know each other, how they work together to be effective, and what expectations they should have of each other.

Come on out, Michigan is only a hop and a skip away!