16 June 2007

Melvin Goes to Dinner (2003)

Probably my favorite sleeper movie of all time. Nobody's heard of it, nobody's seen it, it's a great film. The only reason I even watched it was because we were trying to rent "You Got Served" and Blockbuster goofed. We got served "Melvin" instead and are better off for it.

It's a conversation movie -- based on a play -- and there aren't a whole lot of those around. My Dinner with Andre, the two Before Sunrise/Sunset movies, and that's it. It's like an ultimate DDT on film.

The amazing thing is that last night, Ameer had "Melvin" sitting in its little Netflix envelope and ready to be watched. He had seen the trailer and tossed it in his cue. Nobody knows about this movie! Except me and Ameer apparently. High-perwest indeed.