21 February 2008


I've been having this recurring dream where I'm involved in "Ice Skating with the Stars." I believe this really was a show and I can't fathom why my subconscious is choosing to star in this of all things. I'm not even a very good ice skater. I tend to plant my left foot and just use my right to push off, kind of like you would a skateboard. That's not the proper way to skate at all.

Anyway, the greatest thing about these dreams is that they're episodic; complete with recaps and commercial breaks I think. Anyway, last week (or a few nights ago) I emerged as one of the quarter-finalists and America has chosen me as their darling. Somehow, I've become the crowd favorite and this Thursday, I'll be skating my little heart out for a chance at the finals. This particular show is like March Madness, head-to-head, so from four contestants we'll be dropping down to two.

George is really excited about my success and everything has turned upside down because of my sudden fame. For a few moments when I'm waking up, I'm totally convinced this is actually happening and yesterday I almost called someone to make sure they tape the next show. Is it weirder when dreams make complete (logical) sense or when they're totally off the wall and obviously fake?

Anyway, wish me luck, I'm going to bed soon and with your support, I'll be one step closer to being America's super ice skater.