13 July 2008

Hellboy 2 (2008)

Man it's been a pretty horrific summer for movies hasn't it? Quick, name a good movie you've seen in the last two months. I'd guess you'd have to date back to Iron Man to find something that was entertaining and well done. Everything else has been really hit or miss. I keep hearing good (and some bad) things about Wall-E so that may have to be the saving grace of the summer since I'm pretty sure Batman will underwhelm.

I really thought Hellboy would be a sleeper hit -- the trailer looked so awesome. Instead I was left trying to figure out if it was just average or way below average. Guillermo del Toro creates great visuals, the characters are all likable, the action is pretty good, and sure Selma Blair can't act but that's okay because she doesn't really need to in this movie. So why did I hope for Hellboy to pound me into submission about three fourths through the movie?

Well, the biggest problem was that the movie tried to be a bit too romantical and sentimental. Yeah, romantical. Think the worst parts of the Neo and Trinity love story, all those stupid cheesy scenes with them declaring their undying love, yada yada, and then times two. Hellboy swings back and forth between bad ass and cartoony and it just ruined the whole thing. Plus a few ridiculous plot holes that puncture believability all around and you're looking at another summer dud. Next!