18 August 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

As the movie begins, an annoying voiceover sets the stage. Vicky and Cristina are off to Barcelona for the summer. Thus the title of the movie. Imaginative eh? Woody Allen loves to talk about relationships and this one's no different. Love triangles, open relationships, failed relationships, unrequited relationships, and unfulfilling relationships, this movie's got them all.

First off, Javier Bardem is amazing. His character here obliterates any previous association you had of him as a merciless killer or a bed-bound quadriplegic. Bardem oozes charm, charisma, and masculinity. Paired with Penelope Cruz, the two of them carry the movie. Mixed reviews about Scarlett Johannson and Rebecca Hall though. Without the benefit of interesting lines or three dimensional characters, Johannson and Hall are forced to play second fiddle even if they are the titular main characters.

Overall, the movie was really great. Whatever emotion it evokes, whatever discussions you have afterwards, however you feel about how it depicts the transitory (and deceptive) nature of romantic relationships, you'll have food for thought and a number of great laughs to boot.