18 September 2008

The Women (2008)

There's not one man to be found in the entire film. That's the first thing that stands out. I mean, when they titled this thing "The Women," they really meant it literally. Of course, there might have been a guy or two in the background but seriously, I can't recall one male anywhere. Apparently the original version of the movie did the same thing. I'm not sure what kind of statement that makes but it surely didn't add anything to the watching experience. The Women was just average all around.

Not that I couldn't relate to the issues presented (children, plastic surgery, sex, career versus family, betrayal) but the way everything was done was very sugary and lacking in energy, insight, or enduring humor. A few days after watching it I can't remember any standout scenes, any good lines, or any of the characters. The only fun thing I heard about the movie (from cruising reviews afterward) was to imagine that Meg Ryan was playing Sally twenty years later, in "When Harry Cheated on Sally..."