24 July 2010

Despicable Me (2010)

I've been anxious to see this ever since being hooked on the movie's theme song, revealed during promos last summer. It was just so catchy and evil. Little did I know that Pharrell did the soundtrack. I was thinking during the movie that the score seemed off but now that I know Pharrell did it, everything makes sense. The auto tune, the boopity boppity sounds. Most of it worked but some didn't. Here's a little short behind the scenes clip with him.

The film itself was wonderful. There aren't many surprises plot wise but the concept, execution, and humor throughout was dead on. It's been a strong year for animated movies and Despicable Me didn't disappoint in any way. I guess I can't give it the ultimate high grade though because it was exactly as expected and just nice entertainment and nothing ground breaking. Still, I'd watch it again if I could.

Here's an interesting little post up over at Feministing that points out the movie's (possible) not so subtle racism against Asians. I can't say I agree necessarily, but it's something to think about.