27 February 2011

I Am Number Four (2011)

If you didn't know, this movie is the first result of James Frey's Fiction Factory. However you feel about his company, there's no denying that I Am Number Four has a great setup and premise. The story goes that there are nine alien survivors who are being hunted and killed in order. Each one has special powers with which to defend themselves -- and Earth. And really, Frey delivers on his big name promise by having Michael Bay produce and Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville) as writers. I had to watch this movie on curiosity alone and after viewing it I can say that it's just as great and terrible as you'd expect.

Timothy Olyphant is perfectly miscast, Dianna Agron is fantastic (despite some horrific head wear), and I guess Alex Pettyfer as the lead was bufferific okay. The real breakout star might be Australian Teresa Palmer, who plays the awesome ass kicking Number 6, and will hopefully feature prominently in the sequel. That sequel will hopefully be called "Number Five is Alive." I think I need to start reading this series, if only to find out what happens next.