29 April 2011

The 13th Letter

Listening to: Star Slinger, "Apollo Throwdown (RMX)." Hailing from the United Kingdom, this twenty something DJ and producer is kind of all over the place lately on my music blogs and stuff. Here's a bonus track, "Mornin'."

Current pushing: Melissa Beck's Tumblr. Hey MTV watchers, you know who you are. For almost a decade now, one of my favorite blogs has been Melissa Howard's (Real World: New Orleans). I love it when celebrities blog publicly, and at length. I love it even more when the celebrity in question is a word nerd, kind of neurotic, Hello Kitty obsessed, and super hilarious. Okay, for those criteria, Melissa is actually the only celeb that fits.

Anyway, Melissa would always write these huge long posts about her not so Hollywood life, her commentary on trashy television shows, going to Puck's insane wedding, and her crazy and loveable parents. She talks candidly about her various jobs, her Oxygen show, her actress work, and of course, reveals the motivation for doing RW/RR Challenges. For some reason, Melissa was only ranked ninety two on Maxim's Hot 100 Women of 2004 but taking into account personality, there's hardly a doubt she would have been number one.

Sadly her Princess Melissa site is gone but thanks to the power of the Wayback Machine, all her old posts are right here. Yes, right here! This link is probably the greatest gift I could give you this year, and I won't even need any "thanks" in return.

For awhile I thought she'd stopped posting but recently discovered that Melissa had jumped ship to Tumblr awhile ago but I just never knew. Finding her Tumblr and filling in the missing years was like catching up with an old friend. I mean, our friendship is kind of one sided but still.

So I've been patiently reading through her Tumblr archives -- I hate how Tumblr does archives by the way -- and trying to not read through them too quickly. Our favorite Melissa is now married, lives in Long Island, and has a beautiful baby named Shalom. And here's a recap of her awesomely low key wedding from My Simply Perfect. And a post about her engagement story. And her take on canceling play dates. I could link to her all day. Just read her already.

"But I am a pro at faking it. For years, honey. My husband doesn’t know the half of it. And he has astigmatism so he won’t be able to get through the first paragraph of this blog. But don’t think an hour before he gets home, I don’t get to pouring Pine Sol in the toilet. Swish, swish mother fucker. I’m the queen at taking the quick, non-luxuriating shower and throwing on tight jeans and a button down to give off the air of having sat around in real clothes.

Oh please, girl. As long as the sink is empty and the counters are wiped down and a batch of clothes is in the process of being folded, bitches are none the wiser. Hey! I should make a faking the funk checklist so you too can live the lie."
Admission: I check out The Miz's site once in awhile, but I don't follow WWE so it loses my interest pretty quickly. But maybe you will like it because you still follow professional wrestling. I mean, who am I to judge?

And if you're still secretly into the RW/RR stuff, we may need a new owner for our fantasy Challenge league. Don't be shy kids. It's only a guilty pleasure if you feel guilt. MTV 4 Eva.