12 July 2011

Is That Yo Chick?

Watching the Behind the Music episode for Missy Elliot while snarfing down my dinner, I was struck by how many huge hits she has. How can there not be a Best Of album for her? Actually there was one released in 2006, titled Respect M.E., but that was only available overseas. I decided I needed to rectify this oversight and make my own greatest hits for Misdemeanor. It took me an hour or two while I'm supposed to be writing but here it is for your listening pleasure.

Ultimate Missy Elliot
Track list - Zip file
26 songs, 1 hr 42 mins, 135.8 MB
I learned that a young Melissa Elliot was Milli Vanillied in the video for a hit Raven-Symone track that she produced and rapped on because she was too dark skinned and thick. That's so fucked up right?! Despite her ups and downs, Missy's talent shone through brightly each and every time. Thank goodness for Missy's off-kilter beats because we danced to just about everyone one of them in college. Listening to this playlist is like a time warp for me, as I recall the routines that were choreographed to various tracks. Holler!

And it's impossible to separate Missy's songs from her videos because they were so creative and different. My absolute favorite is a pretty plain one though, the Gossip Folks video with cameos by Ludacris and the cutest little Asian girl dancer ever. Clubs always have Prince and Michael Jackson nights. I say someone throws down a Missy, Timbaland, Ginuwine, Aaliyah, and Nelly Furtado night. I'd buy tickets now!