23 December 2011

Brand New

When procrastinating I generally turn to redesigning blogs. Ameer and I just finished redoing our music blog, The End Starts Today, and now I turn my attention to this thing here. Sure I just redid it ten months ago but sometimes you just get sick of a look right?

I'm gonna miss that fun photo slider thing from the old template but 2012 is about cutting things out and paring everything back to the basics. And compartmentalizing. To that end, this is going to be all writing and books all the time, and everything not related to those two is going over to my personal blog. Well, except for dance movie reviews, those have to stay here.

One of these days I need to learn to actually code. I'm starting to suspect that copy/pasting and pecking takes me ten times longer than a real designer.

While you're here, please head over to Sophia Chang's blog to read about the "Top 3 Things Well-Meaning Bloggers Do that Drive Readers Nuts." Number two on her list, partial RSS feeds, is also a huge pet peeve of mine and if you know what's good for the world, go full feed please. And if you're not using Google Reader, well, I pity the fool.