15 May 2012

Five Stars

A sorta weekly feature of things I co-sign:

(1) The Return of the Novella, the Original #Longread. Everyone loves a comeback story. Also, I'm all for lower word counts.

(2) Ashley went to the San Diego stop for the YA or Bust Tour. And it was the best night ever! (Sadly I couldn't attend so I'm living vicariously.)

(3) Why I'm Nervous About a Film Adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars. From the always thought provoking s.e. smith.

(4) No Sympathy for the Creative Class. Wait, there's a pampered class of artists in the US? Where are these people? How do I get in?

(5) End of Gender: Not Your Mother's Storybooks. A look at children's books for kids who don't conform to their gender. And also, Lee Wind's blog I'm Here, I'm Queer, What the Hell Do I Read? is top quality.