25 June 2012


Running around in SF with not enough computer time lately so I interrupt irregularly scheduled programming to recommend the following non-books related things:

(1) Sound and Fury: The Angry Asian Podcast. Just a few episodes in and the guests have been great, as you'd expect from Angry Asian Man. Episode four is with Jen from Disgrasian. Now if only I could find something to replace all the NBA podcasts in my life. Football needs to start already.

(2) Ideas from Gwarlingo. One of my favorite blogs, Gwarlingo, had a quick chat with New Hampshire Public Radio. And here's the first interview Michelle did with NHPR back in January. "Gwarlingo is a Welsh word for the rushing sound a grandfather clock makes before it strikes."

(3) Pocket Planes. After obsessing over Tiny Tower, I've been waiting on NimbleBit's new game with some eagerness. So far I can't decide if I love it because my slow phone is killing gameplay but I suspect I'm gonna want more multi-player interaction. Sure you can start flight crews but I can't even see my friends' maps. Also, we can't decide on a flight crew name. In no big shock, #conair and #topgun are already taken.

(4) Moby's Los Angeles Architecture Blog. If it didn't have such despicable traffic, I would definitely explore more of L.A.'s buildings. Luckily Moby's here to do some of that for me and here's a quick talk with Tumblr Storyboard about his blog. (Years ago, while lost and driving through L.A. on a sight seeing expedition, we randomly came across the Ennis House and were like "Whoa?!" Totally worth a proper drive-by.)

(5) Phoenix Five. My childhood officially ended when I realized that all the huge comic book crossovers were just marketing ploys. Wait, you mean Wolverine isn't just on every cover because he's the badassest? Well, this summer's blockbuster Marvel event is to give Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik, and Namor each part of the Phoenix Force. Everything about this sucks -- especially the name. I'll still be reading it all of course. In case you forgot, some of my spare time is spent updating FY Colossus, it's a passion and a mission.