14 September 2012

Tiny Furniture

New York, I have arrived (again). How long this time you ask? Well, it'll be anywhere from a month to more than a month. Any more specific and I'd just be guessing and making things up.

I came just in time, as one last week of summer humidity got blown out by a tornado. Of course, I packed only summer and winter clothes. Luckily, I also have a collection of semi-pants to use as in-betweens. They are advertised as bicycle knickers but let's just call them what they are: men's capris. I also do not own a bike even though my shorts try really hard to tell people that I do.

There are lots of bike carcasses strewn around my new neighborhood so I'm hesitant to invest in something that will surely be stolen. Or might cause me to end up in the hospital. I have enough trouble paying attention to the world and walking at the same time so adding additional speed is probably not a good idea. However, I did see Premium Rush the other week and it had some nifty bike skids that I would love to perform.

Sidenote: I wouldn't recommend Premium Rush unless you're a bike geek or really into Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Or Jamie Chung. Everyone should be into Jamie Chung actually, as she's risen from the The Real World vortex into Hollywood fame, and is way bigger than Jacinda Barrett ever was. Soon Jamie will challenge Paris' Mallory, Boston's Sean, and Back to New York's Mike the Miz for post-Real World accomplishments.

It's tough to stomach Jamie Chung's terrible accent though. And the general plot ridiculousness and heavy handed racial stereotyping in Premium Rush. It was very Eighties in that way. The ridiculousness, not the racial stereotyping. The stereotyping was spot on for 2012. Seriously, doesn't every white person play underground high stakes pai gow in Chinatown nowadays?

All these Real World name drops are relevant because the new season of MTV Challenge is around the corner. This time it's Battle of the Seasons and our fantasy league is gearing up to draft right now.

Here's the thing about New York, there's always too much to do! Swamped with moving, having guests pop in from out of town, getting work stuff done, cranking out some writing, and just, well, stuff, I've managed to squeeze in a few things. Like the Rumpus Loves NY event to see Stephen Elliot and Sari Botton. And then dropping by to catch the tail end of Kate Milford's The Broken Lands release party. I also attended a pig roast. And celebrated a birthday with eight desserts.

Of course, I totally forgot about Teen Author Reading Night. And I missed out on Zadie Smith reading in Union Square tonight. Worst. There's not a lot of writers I'd put anything aside to go watch, but Smith is one of them. All my online-ness and I didn't even know she was coming. Upcoming the next few weekends: Brooklyn Book Festival and KidLitCon. Both of which I hope to attend. I forgot that everything in New York is likely packed or sold out, even when you don't think it'll never be. Which is horrible for a no RSVP and last minute decision maker like me. #makethatchange

What has been cured in me is my napping problem -- hopefully only temporarily as naps are the best. There is no time to nap here though, none. Not when the weather is beautiful and the schedule is packed. And, just when I thought I was over this song, I'm so not. Frank Ocean forever.