05 October 2012

Five O'Clock

A sorta weekly feature of things I co-sign:

(1) McSweeney's Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do. There's a reference to Balki Bartokomous. That is all.

(2) The Klein Pyramid of Literary Quality. I like when people try to structure things. Also, I'm totally into Cheryl's podcast, Narrative Breakdown.

(3) Bad Little Children's Books. These are just wonderful aren't they? "A Good Place to Hide the Body Parts."

(4) CBC List of Recognized Publishers. I found it of interest to see how many books each publisher pumps out annually. Yes, someone published zero...just like me!

(5) Writing in the Dark. "I sometimes think I would give anything to be a morning person -- one of those writers who wakes naturally at six, does an honest day's work by noon, and is free to socialize all evening." Never I say, never! #niteowls4eva