07 January 2013

50 Ways to Say Hello

So my first couple days of January have been spent re-doing the fiftyfifty.me site. Lilly and I started fiftyfifty.me last year thinking just a few people would join. I mean, who else wanted to challenge themselves to read fifty books and watch fifty movies in one calendar year?

Turns out, a lot of people! As the weeks rolled by, we watched the number of participants grow all the way up to 350+. I had laughed when Lilly initially said she wanted to hit one hundred sign ups. Guess I lost that bet.

Both of us scrambled hard to complete the challenge, which we accomplished with some late December cramming, and now we're ready to rock again!

Last year's fiftyfifty.me site was last minute thrown together and since I had no idea it would have to track so many people, a simple blog ended up not being quite up to the task. My goal for 2013 was to make the site more functional and better all around.

With the help of Wordpress, Buddypress, and bbForums, the new fiftyfifty.me site has member profiles and a community space for people to interact. Last year I was seriously using a Google Doc to organize everything. It was, suffice to say, a bit unwieldy. Now all the "Overachievers" can gather and cheer each other on while I sit back, sip a sweet tea, and get caught up on my reading. Seriously, it's only a week into January and I already feel behind because I haven't flipped open a single book yet.

You'll notice the new site looks amazing. That's because Susie (boygirlparty) remade the logo and contributed new artwork on every page. Seriously, it all looks so cohesive and pretty now. I just want to hug the entire site. Like forever.

Go read the 2013 welcome message and sign up a year of books and movies! Then hit me up so we can compare notes because there's nothing I like to talk about more than stuff you've seen and read. I mean, what else is there?