26 June 2014

Together Again

Currently Pushing: Sky Guide. For a mere $1.99, you can have all the constellations at your fingertips. No more “Is that Orion?” questions or “I think that’s Cassiopeia. Maybe.” With Sky Guide equipped, you can just point your phone at the horizon to identify the stars above you. Click into a constellation cluster for descriptions and best yet, use Sky Guide indoors, when the stars are hidden behind city lights and inclement weather.

Apparently Mercury’s in retrograde, which would explain a lot of what’s been happening around me. Poor communication, loose ends, partnerships falling apart, unwarranted tax demands in unassuming envelopes. Basically things are going all wrong. Luckily Orange is the New Black Season Two came out one day before this all started so life is a-okay. After all, (fictional) Piper’s still stuck in jail, who are we to complain?

No, I don’t know where May and April went. I think there was a trip to San Francisco, there was definitely a weekend in Palm Springs (we had a dance reunion and rented an absolutely bonkers Mad Men mid-century style house, to relax like Don and wear sweater vests like Pete), and I got to hit the surf once before leaving San Diego. Albeit on a boogie board. Now I’m in New York and June’s already practically over. But I’m gonna reset and start over, Edge of Tomorrow-style, and try to cover all the New Yorky things I’ve been doing, because unlike being back home, I’m not a hermit here, camped out in front of the television. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I realized that for once, I was happy to be home for an extended amount of time. After spending most of 2013 in New York -- the longest I’ve stayed put somewhere since 2008 -- I was ready for serious hibernation. And that’s exactly what I did for six months, just sit on the couch and rot. But now I’m ready for fun again!

Oh yeah, my sister got engaged! It’s official because we had a celebratory party and everything. And after getting a preview of how Ameer’s Persian side of family was going to bring it with the music, dancing, and fun, we told my mom to only invite her most high energy Chinese friends. Pack our side with the alcohol loving aunties and uncles, leave the sticks in the mud off the guest list! So yeah, wedding’s at the end of the year and I’m officiating. Time to dust off that bilingual dictionary.