09 June 2018

The Games We Play

Is this just becoming a recommendation blog? Sure looks like it! It’s been awhile since I’ve recommended some iOS games -- the last ones were Lost Frontier and Guild of Dungeoneering -- so here we go, more phone games...

Antihero ($2.99)
This gem of a game has kept me entertained for long hours as I suffered through some bad fried chicken in Bali. In Antihero you play as a master thief, and your goal is to pilfer the city before your opponent does. You’re aided by urchins, thugs, gangs, assassins, and other fun fellows, all speaking in darling Dickensian accents. The campaign is a delight and playing against another human has the potential for great back-and-forth while using differing strategies, depending on the map. I couldn’t recommend Antihero enough and I’ve gotten two people hooked on it, neither of whom have ever played an iOS game before!

Teeny Titans ($3.99)
What happens when you combine Teen Titans with Pokemon? You get figure collecting and battling, all wrapped up in the delightful animation style of Teen Titans Go!, which appeals to all my sensibilities. I’ve recently just started watching the show and while the game itself isn’t all that difficult (or long), it is a freaking blast to rip through racks at the in-game figurine stores to find the rare one you’ve been searching for.

The Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out ($2.99)
Arizona-based developer Grumpyface has kicked out a bunch of Cartoon Network properties and between my experience with Teeny Titans and this Powerpuff Girls game, I’m sold! Besides using Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup at their butt-kicking cutest, Flipped Out has an innovative flip mechanic that allows you to instantly turn it from a horizontal fighting game into a vertical match-three one. It’s really so smooth and a little bit genius. Throw in pickle collecting, the funny assortment of Powerpuff villains, plus super solid gameplay and I may just have to get all of Grumpyface’s games!

Death Coming ($1.99)
While I’ve barely started this one, the pixel art alone drew me in. You play as Death’s assistant, using semi-omniscient powers to drop things on people or bait them into unfortunate deaths. The goal is to kill the little people on-screen and it’s a freaking delight! While I do agree with some of the reviews that cite eventual frustration—and some tiny finicky controls at times—the game is unique enough, and the art so lovely, that I can recommend it for the killer in everyone.

Miracle Merchant ($1.99)
I’m actually pretty bad at solitaire type games like this but Tiny Touchables, who made Card Crawl, has always won me over with its personality-infused artwork by Thomas Wellmann and its simple yet deep mechanics. If you like a touch of math, and am into mixing potions for an imaginary apothecary, Miracle Merchant is the game for you!