29 March 2007

Role Bounce

A few months ago, I was touting the potential of two new MTV reality shows that were about to air. "Dancelife" turned out to be a bust. You would think that a show about dancing would be somewhat exciting -- especially to a semi ex-dancer. But without drama, story, or any particularly captivating characters, the show was a waste of time, even on DVR.

The other show, "I'm From Rolling Stone," I just watched the finale for today. Guess what? It sucked too. Maybe it had something to do with the half hour format but both shows just weren't able to translate the hard work of writing and dancing to the small screen. Oooh, another tryout. More money trouble, exciting. Making some more calls to schedule phone interviews? Struggling through writer's block? Not so must see TV.

The other thing that killed me about the Rolling Stone show was how nonchalantly the six contestants took their once in a lifetime opportunity. The founder and executive editor of Rolling Stone were available as resources for ten weeks and they didn't appreciate it? It wasn't even an elimination show. Everyone got two and a half months to prove their mettle.

One guy was talented but kept on showing up to work late. He also neglected to turn in any assignments for the last month. Another girl was more interested in crashing the red carpet, than working it. Most of the other contestants either weren't into it, didn't work hard, or were simply not that capable. The girl who won it, Krishtine, certainly deserved it (here's her final article), but she bitched about the gig the entire time.

Who are these people? I would die to have a chance to become a contributing editor to Rolling Stone. Do you know how prestigious that is? These people were being paid to sit around and compose one thirty word blog entry a day. I've been busting my ass trying to crank out 3,000 words each day this week. Gimme a break.

As one of the advisors said, "Don't get in the way of your own success."