30 July 2007

34+20+21 = 17

A few weeks ago I posted about how excited I was, on the heels of their trade for Ray Allen, that the Celtics would be relevant again. I said, "While I'm not delusional enough to think that adding Ray Allen will take the Celtics to a championship, this will at least make them respectable." Well, forget respectable. The Celtics have landed the original kid wonder, Kevin Garnett (who wears my favorite number) and despite having to mortgage the future, this will make the Boston Celtics a contender in the weak Eastern Conference.

If Lebron James and nobody can get to the Finals, what will Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett do? That's a fantasy team roster filled with a trio of franchise players. I bet Larry Bird is ready to suit up and give it a go. Or at least Danny Ainge and Kevin McHale -- the two GMs and ex-Celtics who have screwed up their respective franchises for the past few years -- are getting ready to play again. Celtic pride made them agree to this blockbuster trade and championship number seventeen is surely on the way.

Doubters may say that we won't have enough depth but I say: "What, Brian Scalabrine doesn't scare you? Are you crazy?"