05 December 2007

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Well, this was a first. I've watched plenty of movies by myself but never in a completely empty theatre. Like a little girl, I initially thought, "Wow, I hope this movie isn't too scary." But then like a man I strapped on a portable machine gun, readied my rocket launcher, flipped the safety off the pepper spray, and dug into my popcorn.

I'm happy to report that the movie is as good as everyone says it is. I won't even go into any plot details since it's definitely better to watch this thing with no idea what's about to happen. It's mostly a basic crime suspense thriller but done very well.

I've read Dennis Lehane's books before (but not seen or read Mystic River) and Ben Affleck does a great job bringing Lehane's world to the big screen. The movie is paced and shot well and the Affleck behind the camera emerges as the one that truly impresses. Actually, what's most impressive is Michelle Monaghan's slightly snouty nose. I mean, I feel like most actresses would have gotten a new nose long ago but now it's her cute trait, like Jewel's snaggletooth.

The movie made me feel a little discombobulated so I drove home in radio silence, with fog settling in everywhere. Which made me scoot home just a bit faster. Because, you know, real men drive fast.