06 June 2008

And we're off...

As I watched the Celtics' game, I was sure that my presence was screwing them up. As my team floundered, I had to change the channel. After watching the most futile first round of Jeopardy ever, "Wizard of Oz" appeared as a Double Jeopardy category. Most of the answers were pretty easy.

This song won an Oscar despite almost being cut from the film. (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow. These were sold at an auction for $666,000. Ruby slippers. Buddy Epsen was allergic to his makeup for this role and was forced to back out of the movie. The Tin Man. Frank Morgan played the roles of Professor Marvel, The Gatekeeper, The Carriage Driver, The Guard Who Cries, and this character. The Wizard.
I nailed them all and I was psyched to finally have some use for my extensive Wizard of Oz knowledge. Really, it's not often I can use my obsession to anything Oz related for good. If only trivia night had this as a category, I would have cleaned up. The wonderful thing was that soon afterwards, the Celtics came roaring back and won the game. I forced Frances to fake-cheer for the Lakers so that she could use her anti-winning powers to deflate Kobe & Co. It all worked to perfection.

It's so exciting when things go your way isn't it?