12 June 2008

How Ya Like Me Now

What a roller coaster of a game. This was easily the greatest sporting experience of my life. Never had I dreamed that the Celtics could go up 3-1 against the hated Lakers, and in such spectacular fashion. The greatest Finals comeback of all time.

After a close loss in Game 3, I was sad but satisfied. There was no way the Celtics wouldn't win at least one game in Los Angeles right? Even playing like utter crap, they were in it near the end. As I settled down for Game 4 I thought that this was a must win to insure no further Kobe-trionics. Sadly the entire first quarter was Laker lay ups, dunks, and highlight reel plays that enabled them to jump out to a twenty one point lead. I was messenging friends that it was already over.

But somewhere deep inside the kid in me kept the faith. Anything can happen right? Well, by halftime the lead was still eighteen points and it looked like a huge Game 5 was on the horizon -- with all the momentum going the Lakers' way. I was about ready to turn the game off and start writing a post about how the Celtics "played like sissies" and needed to go clothesline someone.

Then something crazy started happening. The Celtics were coming back. Slowly at first but then they gained steam and by the end of the third quarter they had erased the deficit to two. Could it be that I was actually going to witness an epic comeback?

I don't have to recap what happened, it'll be talked about forever anyway. The entire Los Angeles area is now devastated and I'm exhausted from cheering my heart out. All I can say is that ten days ago I feared the Lakers but now I'm delighted to bury them. The Celtics have a better team, they have great karma, they have magic (lower case) on their side. I would love to see them win championship number seventeen in Boston but whatever, just win the damn thing and have a parade back home.

By the way, I told you James Posey was a stud right? KG, I can't figure out why you suddenly can't make jumpers you've been hitting all post-season long but who cares. Just defend the basket, post up occasionally, and Paul and Ray will bring this one home. Speaking of Ray, Jesus is definitely resurrected. For the entire series he's been attacking the basket, dropping in picture perfect threes, playing tough defense, and coming up with key rebounds. Tonight he had an unbelievable Jordan-esque hang time ball fake reverse layup that was simply amazing.