17 December 2008

The Beautiful Game

And from a recent Secret Santa (we used this site, which was awesome, Elfster.com), I received this book, "The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac" written by the great team behind freedarko.com. Basically the book celebrates and profiles some of the NBA's more interesting stars. Their manifesto focuses on the beauty of the game, the game beyond wins, losses, and stats. It's beautifully illustrated and a must-read for every basketball fan. I've often thought that the way someone plays the game reflects their personality and I know some people agree with me. I'd rather trust my fifteen minute impression of someone playing basketball than the one I get from talking to them. It's that serious.

And check out this NBA Archetypes post by Upside and Motor. It's comprehensive, well thought out, and comes with examples. Freaking awesome.