02 December 2008

Our Space

Listening to: Janelle Monae, maybe the next big thing? Like Andre 3000 plus Lauryn Hill. Can't decide if I actually dig her music yet but her fusion of punk rock soul is interesting.

I'm fighting a gradual slide into being a nocturnal person again, which is a bit disappointing because I've been waking up at ten-ish (or earlier) for the past three weeks. I suppose I shouldn't fight it too hard because the time nears when I'll soon have to start looking for jobs. I'm pretty committed to the idea of moving up and it takes a hefty penny to live here. So I will work to blow out 2008, the year of not working, in fine lazy fashion. Then I will tether my 2009 to a crappy job and long for the days of sleeping in.

So I've been staying at George's apartment in San Francisco for awhile now and it's safe to say that it's been a grand success. In fact, I've discovered that she's kind of turned into mini-me. She's constantly on her iPhone, loves to bum out on the couch, reads before bed, and is excited when new Netflix arrives. In our old age we are connecting and fusing into one. Soon people will have to say JonGeorge or GeorgeJon and drop the "and." We also realized over the Thanksgiving weekend that we're the only single folk in our mutual friendship circle. Everyone else is either married, engaged, in a long term relatonship, or in a psudeo-relationship. We're the only ones left! Mom Yang is frankly panicked about me taking over George's couch because what kind of guy will want to date a girl who has her brother camped out in her living room?

The good news is that I've infiltrated George's apartment completely. I have my own computer station, my own pillow, and my own super big fuzzy blanket. She's also been kind enough to give me two cubbies on her big Ikea wall shelf. I, in turn, have increased the amount of junk food in her house by 500%. I'm really settling in.

We watch TV in matching flannel pajama pants.

It warmed my heart to see that her DVR still has stuff I recorded months ago and now I'm busy filling it up with basketball and football games while she carves out space for Brothers and Sisters, Top Chef, and the Britney documentary. We've recently hosted an ice cream party and often desire to eat the same foods for dinner. Basically we're reliving our teenage years together.

So far, my biggest accomplishment (aside from avoiding being kicked out) is introducing her to Felicity. I did it all strategically too, making sure we had no Netflix movies on tap, there was nothing good left on DVR, and she was ready to be emotionally bombarded. That pilot episode of Felicity. Goddam. If you can't feel anything watching Felicity be all awkward, pathetic, and lost in love, you are dead inside. We shot through four episodes in short order and really pulled the mood of the night down, but in a really great way. Take the Felicity challenge, I dare you.

I just wanted to report that San Francisco is treating me well, and more importantly, that my amazing and super great sister is taking fabulous care of me. I've already scheduled my return flight home because I think leaving on a high note would be grand for both of us. Right after the Stevie Wonder party, I'm outta here. But oh, I'm already planting the seeds of my return...