31 March 2009

Looking Good?

Redesigning is fun! Unless you spend days working on something and then when you show it to a few people, the majority says, "I like the old one better." Back to the drawing board and another few days later, I decided to just commit to the simplest look possible, without being too plain. I wanted something a little fancier than this look but it's the most efficient and cleanest. Plus I like the colors.

The reasons for redesigning? I needed to switch off of FTP-ing to my own domain. Blogger's newer features, with widgets and drag and drop template adjusting, were all unavailable unless the blog was hosted on blogspot. And I wanted to have the "older posts" option when you hit the end of the page, as well as the hierarchy styled archives.

Basically, I just started a new blog but then transferred posts from the old blog to a new one with Blogger's new export/import function. So now I'm going to forward visitors from jonyang.org directly to a blogspot address. What kind of havoc this will cause is unknown at the moment. I'm curious what will happen to old links that reference jonyang.org. Will it all just go kaput? I hope not because I'm done redesigning.

[Update] Okay things went wonky. So I'm just going the simple route and use jonyang.org as a semi-static main page with the blog residing here.

[Update 2] Superlum is a genius, he has it working exactly the way I wanted it to. New blogspot address redirected from the normal address, but still with access to old files. Wow! Or should I say, super!
Also, the new look will herald me taking the blog in a slightly new direction, namely making it the clearing house for all my writing stuff. The book is coming out in t-minus six weeks and everything needs to be focused for that purpose.

If you hate the new template, if you have issues with anything, if something looks funky, please tell me! I won't take it personally, promise.