03 April 2009

Pin Me, I'm a Deb

I was invited to a cotillion once. There was a party, there was an organized formal dance, there was cake, and there was a young lady being presented to the world by her family. Well, this year, my Chloe-Grace will be getting a debut party of her very own. I beam like the proud parent I am. I better enjoy it too because chances are, a book daughter might be the closest thing I get to having children for quite a while. And humanity sighs (in relief).

Anyhow, there's this spectacular site for debuting young adult writers called A Feast of Awesome: 2009 Debutantes. It's a community of more than fifty debuting new authors who share their stories, celebrations, and occasionally, concerns. I was lucky enough to sneak in right as they closed off admission for the year. So I'm new, probably like the littlest girl, Gretl, in the Sound of Music. But much less cute. As an aside, check out this video of "So Long, Farewell," which is intercut with all the children as they look now.

I've just been getting into the whole blog world of YA authors, readers, editors, publishers, fans, and it's a fascinating place. I'm delighted to be debuting with the rest of the Class of 2009. Don't worry, there will be cake at my party. Lots of cake.

Jackson Pearce is the super nice admin and creator of Feast of Awesome and the title for her debut book is "As You Wish," which just has to be a reference to The Princess Bride I'm sure. Even if it's not, it's kind of a great title. Jackson's website has got all sorts of interesting things going on, including videos and synopses and excerpts of her future work! Thanks for letting me be a Deb!