20 April 2009

Serenity Now

Oh happiness, how difficult a target you present. It's a toss up who has the worse aim, Cupid or whichever cherub is in charge of ensuring joy for all (Mickey Mouse?). Well, there's some human help out there. Tina is the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) of Think Simple Now and her goal is to bring fulfillment and happiness into your life. Exciting hunh? I tend to roll my eyes at anything that remotely resembles self-help but I'm addicted to Tina's blog. She mixes in personal stories, success methods, and an inquisitive and conversational tone that just draws me in.

Tina tackles and examines lots of fun topics like "How to Find True Love," "The Popularity Factor," and "15 Questions to Discover Your Personal Mission." Her archives are full of interesting things to talk about on a lazy Sunday, before coming to the conclusion that (a) your life is great (b) your life sucks or (c) another mimosa?

Below is an excerpt from her journal about insecurities in relationships, something I'm sure we all contend with. I mean, you do, don't you?

"Through much realization about myself in the past few days, I discovered that I used to have a psychological dependency on men, or the idea of having a man there for me.

In the most extreme sense, it was as if my entire self worth relied on this dependency, on this idea of support. Once that dependency is challenged and uncertainty is added into the equation, I become this insecure little girl, unable to continue. I scramble, I panic, I look for plan B, I start to seek out alternatives, replacements... pads to protect my body from shattering into little pieces should I fall from that balcony of visions that I’ve created.

Visions and fixation, of hope, of ideals, of situations, of longing... all of which I have projected onto this man who is the current holder of my self-worth and whom I’ve depended on such that I cannot function normally without. He helps me to feel together, to feel complete. But he also hinders me from achieving my ultimate goals.

In a deeply unconscious state, without knowing it, I’ve asked him to put an invisible leash on my self-worth and my security. As a result, he’s got all of my time, my attention, my heart, and my love and a momentary pause has been placed on my true passions."
-My Insecurities: A Slice From My Diary-